Dog Lovers
You will find the most caring professionals in
the industry at Dog lovers of Los Angeles.
Our Business is Dog and Cat Grooming. We
have been in business since 1980. 41 years.
We have 10,000 long time Members.
Our Founder begin by surrounding herself
with pet lovers who love working with animals.
Ask about our Giving back to the
Pet Community Member Program

Our Groomers and Our Dog Trainers  
participate in a comprehensive training
programs that certifies them in all areas of
Pet care and the needs of the Pet owner
and their pets.  Our Pet Professionals are
Skilled at walking a Pet Parent  through the
grooming process and making sure all their
needs are met.                                         
Our Pet Parents are always delighted to
speak to any of our Pet associates about
the needs of their pet. Then they get to see
a Sweet smelling, well groomed Pet return
from our Grooming Department.
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We pride ourselves at being able to groom
all breeds , dogs and cats. We are
knowledgeable about the breed standards
and the coat care needs of that particular
breed. We know that regular grooming can
prevent problems such as , skin and coat
conditions, regular nail clipping can prevent
paw disorders and ear cleaning can detect
health issues such as Fleas and infections.
We love Pets at Dog lovers and are certain
your dog and cat will leave happy, healthy
and looking great.
We Provide an Array of Services
find all you need on this Site
Dog Lovers try hard to provide our Pet
Parents with all they need to care for their
Pets. From, Dog Training, Veterinary
referrals, Pet supplies and Lost and found
services. Every month we send out our News
Letters and coupons that Give back to our
community of Dog Lovers with great
discounts and  information about the care
and needs of your four legged best friend.

Our staff is always willing to give solutions
about any pet related issues that our Pet
Parents may have. We want to do our part in
making sure the pet population keep healthy
happy homes, and have easy access to Pet
Professionals that can help.     We are
always here when our Pet parents need
answers about training, grooming, and
nutritional needs.
Discount Coupons for Pet Grooming
This Site is Dedicated to my Beloved Pets,
Jerry, Teh, Mendy, Kemo, Booby, Rosco,
Keela, Nina, and Micky who have since
passed on, but left me with a wealth of
knowledge to share with other Dog Lovers.

Your Groomer evaluates your pet
from head to toe. They can see many
Pet related issues that the Pet parent
would not recognize as a medical
problem. Consult Dog lovers each
month for regular professional
Grooming services, they can give you
excellent advise about your pets
Advantage Flea Control
Frontline For Cats
We love Dogs and Cats at
Dog Lovers
Our mission at Dog Lovers is to
provide all the  necessary tools and
Education to help Pet owners provide
their Pet a Loving and Safe home for a
life time.
Through out  this Web site you will find
Fun and  information to help you with
Grooming, Training, Medical, and Pet
Events for your pet, and much more.

Too many Pets lose their happy homes
and end up in Shelters, on the street
or worse. Dog lovers want to be a part
of the solution. By making sure you get
the help and knowledge it takes to
care for your four legged best friend.
Just .
Ask the Pet Professionals
If You are a Dog Lover you've
come to the Right Place